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Dog breeder fined over savage dogs

Posted in: Animal Attacks 

The owner of two vicious dogs has been fined after they escaped from their compound in Bolton last year, attacking a woman and her two Jack Russels.  Sean Stockton was fined at Bolton Crown Court after pleading guilty to owning a dog that was dangerously out of control in a public place which caused a personal injury.

It was heard at Bolton Crown Court that 48-year-old Stockton keeps and breeds Akita dogs at a compound near his rural home at Aldreds Farm, Jacks Lane, Westhoughton. On 20 September 2013 two of the dogs escaped from the compound and went on to attack a woman and her two pets.

William Donnelly, prosecuting, told the court that there was an arrangement between Stockton and his neighbours to alert them if his dogs escaped. Stockton had sent a text to warn his neighbours in the morning of the accident so that they could safeguard their livestock and horses. However, at 9pm Stockton had still not recaptured the dogs and at 9:15 they attacked two Jack Russels, Tilly and Jim, that were outside their owner’s house.

Ordered to pay £400 towards the prosecution

The owners of the Jack Russels “heard the dogs howl in distress” and rushed out to protect them from the attacking Akitas.  However, when Mrs Skelton bent down to protect one of the Jack Russels, she too was attacked, with the top of her index finger being severed.  The Akitas were finally caught by Stockton just after midnight.

The court heard that Stockton has been told to pay his own legal fees and the cost of kenneling the dogs until the case came to court. He was also ordered to pay £400 towards the prosecution costs and £250 compensation to Ms Skelton.

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