Medical Negligence Injuries

Medical negligence injuries (also known as clinical negligence injuries) can be severe both physically and psychologically, not least because they are caused by those whose hands we place our trust and our lives in. This is not to say that medical professionals set out to cause injury, in most cases injuries are caused by negligence.

Medical professionals such as doctors, surgeons, general practitioners and dentists have a duty of care towards their patients and any breach of that duty, resulting in injury to the patient, could allow the patient to make a claim for compensation.

If you have suffered a medical negligence injury then you should speak with our specialist medical negligence injury lawyers** in Manchester who will fight your case on a no win no fee* basis. A medical negligence injury lawyer in Manchester will not only be able to get you compensation for your injuries, but will also be able to recover any other losses such as subsequent medical bills, expenses such as travel and any loss of income. This compensation will be paid out by the medical professional’s insurance company.

The amount you can claim is the same regardless of whether you are treated privately or under the national health service (nhs) as both sets of medical professionals owe the same duty of care. The only difference is claims against the nhs are managed by the national health service litigation authority.

Different Types of Medical Negligence

The most common medical negligence injuries are as follows:

Our medical negligence injury lawyers** in Manchester will do all the hard work so you do not have to, including gathering medical records, obtaining / drafting statements and arranging further medical assessments and they will recover their fees for doing this from the medical professional’s insurance company. All you have to do is ensure that you bring your claim within three years of the date of the injury or in the case of a child within three years of his or her 18th birthday.

Medical Negligence solicitors of Manchester

If you have been injured due to medical negligence, our Accident Lawyers can help you claim compensation through our No Win, No Fee* service. Call our Accident solicitors** on 01618855335^ or contact us online.

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