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If you have the misfortune to have an accident at work, we can help. Being injured in the workplace can be a stressful situation. It can potentially also result in future loss of earnings if you are unable to return to work. Our team of experts with local Manchester knowledge can help you make a claim for accidents at work, whether it’s an office, a warehouse, or a construction site. Your employer is legally obliged to make sure you as an employee are safe. If your injury is caused by their failure to make sure you are safe, you may have a claim.

No Win, No Fee Workplace Accident Claims Guide

Here, you can find out if you can claim for accidents at work and what you need to prove to make a successful claim.

  • Had a personal injury at work?
  • Did this occur through no fault of your own?

If the answer to both these questions is “Yes”, get in touch with us today. Our team of local personal injury specialists will guide you on whether you have a valid claim with our no obligation assessment.

What do I need to prove to claim for an injury at work?

To have a claim for accidents at work, the main thing you have to prove is that your injury was caused by the negligence of your employer. Employers have a legal obligation to have measures in place to protect their employees from physical harm. This is called a duty of care. Failure to fulfil a duty of care can constitute a finding of negligence.

This duty of care can also extend to line managers, which means they can also be liable should they have failed in providing a duty of care to you as an employer. However, as all employers must have insurance in place if something like this should happen, you would not be taking action against your employer or your line manager directly.

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An employer’s legal obligations

To meet their legal obligations, your employer has to make sure the workplace is clean and tidy. They also have to make a risk assessment of the workplace on a regular basis, and make sure equipment meets Health and Safety regulations. This is why you might find a maintenance log beside the water machine, or a sticker on your computer monitor to say that it has passed an electrical test. Such examples are common ways employers can prevent accidents at work.

It is a legal requirement for all employers to have insurance, which is known as Workers’ Compensation. This insurance protects their employees in the event of an accident at work. It works similarly to car insurance – if you have an accident as an employee due to negligence caused by an employer or another member of staff, then this insurance will cover that. This means that if you make a claim, you won’t be claiming against your employer directly. Furthermore, an employer cannot legally dismiss you because you have filed an accident or personal injury claim.

Situations that can lead to accidents at work claims

There are various situations that can lead to having a valid claim, such as:

  • No training or inadequate training on machinery or equipment
  • Using defective machinery or equipment
  • Inadequate machinery or equipment
  • Lifting heavy objects without training
  • Failure to ergonomically design a desk or workspace
  • Objects falling from a height
  • Falling over trip hazards

These situations are preventable, and your employer’s failure to prevent these situations could count as negligence.

How much accident compensation can I get for accidents at work?

Once our team have established whether you have a valid claim, you will want to know how much money you are entitled to. With many years of experience in personal injury, we can inform you of what your claim may be worth. We understand that no two claims are the same, and we will treat you as a person, not a number.

You may be able to claim for loss of earnings. Additionally, you can claim for pain and suffering as well as your physical injuries caused by the accident at work, such as mental anguish. Our team of experts will consider medical costs or support you might need in more serious cases, such as adaptations or ongoing care.

The amount of compensation you can claim against your employer (or their insurance company) will depend on the seriousness of your injury. The following are some examples of the amount of compensation you could claim at the lower end of the scale:

  •  minor hand or finger injuries – up to £8,000
  •  minor leg injuries – up to £13,000
  •  minor back injury – up to £20,000

In addition to compensation for the injuries, you can also make a claim for any other losses including, but not limited to, loss of income, travel expenses and medical bills. Compensation is usually paid out by the employer’s insurance company. Even if you are partly to blame for your injuries, you can still make a claim, but the amount of compensation you will be awarded will be reduced to take into account your own negligence.

Some workplaces are more dangerous than others, and it is not possible to list all types of work place injuries. The most dangerous work places are of course the likes of construction sites, factories, and oil rigs. The less dangerous work places are of courses offices, but offices do have their own dangers such as the possibility of a slip, trip or fall. We can help with industrial accidents, oil rig injuries and building site accidents too.

Although no amount of money will take away the mental anguish caused by accidents at work, it will help towards rebuilding lives. It will also offer the potential prevention of future accidents, with necessary training being given or equipment being replaced so that it does not happen again.

At Accident Claims Manchester, we can put you in touch with a local personal injury solicitor** who can represent you during negotiations if your employer’s insurer offers to settle your claim or in court should proceedings be necessary.

How long do I have to make a claim?

It is important to log your accident. All employers must maintain an accident book which logs any accident, however big or small. You should also get the details of any witnesses to your accident. If you decide to proceed with your claim, you must do so within three years of the accident occurring.

Other Types of Accidents at Work Claims

Claims are not always limited to a simple trip or fall. We can also help you in the following situations:

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