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Have you suffered a personal injury because of a faulty product? Our solicitors** for Manchester could help you claim product liability compensation. Our experts have a wealth of knowledge and experience in recovering compensation for people affected by defective goods and products.

Making A Product Liability Claim For Defective Goods

We use goods and products for most of the things we do in our everyday lives, and never think that they could cause us harm. When a product is faulty, this means that there is something wrong with one of its components or raw materials. We believe that you should not have to suffer the consequences of a product’s defectiveness alone. We fight hard to win you compensation from the manufacturer, distributor, supplier, or retailer who is to blame for its faultiness.

Who is accountable for the product’s failing depends on what component was defective – this could be the manufacturer of the final product, the manufacturer of one of the product’s components, or both. In some cases, products hold certain contractual limitations regarding liability. However, regardless of this, we will be able to recover compensation for you if it has been found to be a faulty product. The producer/manufacturer will be liable for damage under the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) or the common law of negligence.

Making a defective product claim with us is straightforward. Where the law surrounding product liability can be complex, we make sure to make the process as simple for you as possible. All we ask is that you keep hold of any evidence of your injury that you can. Whether this is photographs of the product’s defectiveness or evidence of medical treatment, this claim credibility could make a difference to your final compensation package.

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Regardless of whether you’re looking to start a claim, or simply want to find out if you may be eligible to make a claim, we are happy to help. Our product liability claim experts understand that you are not a legal expert, so they talk you through the details of the claims process and give you all the information you need in a language that you can understand. It’s important that you feel involved in your claim from beginning to end.

We know how difficult an injury can be for both you and your loved ones. If you have had to take time off work, this can put a big strain on your family life. We make sure to take this into account when fighting for your compensation – all of your personal suffering, any loss of earnings and lifestyle changes will be taken into account when reaching your final compensation settlement. We want you to be returned to the quality of life that you enjoyed before your injuries or illness.

Call one of our product liability claims experts today to start on the road to compensation. We can even help you claim on a no win, no fee* basis. Call our accident solicitors** on 01615 168 871^ or contact us online.

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