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Accident on crossing despite complaints

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A Blackburn teenager has been taken to hospital on Monday following a collision with a motorcyclist whilst crossing the road on a zebra crossing. Commenting on the incident, Meadowhead ward councillor, Konrad Tapp, confirmed that concerns were raised several years ago when the crossing was converted from traffic lights to a zebra crossing on the road. Campaigns were ignored, with protesters claiming that the zebra crossing was not adequate in Gib Lane, near St Bede’s School. The teenager was crossing the road at 8.10am on Monday morning when the accident occurred.

‘fractured right ankle’

Both the rider of the blue Suzuki and the teenager were taken to the Royal Blackburn Hospital.  It has been reported that the boy is thought to have suffered a fractured right ankle, and the motorcyclist is thought to have sustained a fractured right wrist. Gib Lane at the junction with Broken Stones Road was closed to traffic for around 30 minutes on Monday to allow for treatment to be given to the two victims and for initial investigations to be carried out at the scene.

Councillor Tapp said: “I think it would have been safer if the traffic lights had been there instead of the crossing.  It is fortunate that no-one was more seriously injured, and I wish both people involved a speedy recovery”.

Police have confirmed that no-one else was involved in the accident and that no-one had been arrested as a result of the collision.

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