Vibration White Finger Compensation Claims in Manchester

Vibration white finger (VWF) is the name given to an industrial disease which affects thousands of employees, particularly those who repeatedly use heavy vibrating machinery such as power tools. It is a subtype of Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome or HAVS. Because the vibration from machinery can cause damage to the nerves and blood vessels, it can result in poor circulation and lack of oxygen. Vibration white finger is a difficult condition to live with and becomes worse in the cold. The symptoms of VWF include numbness in the hands and loss of dexterity resulting in the fingers becoming white and hence its name.

Vibration white finger claims are usually made against employers because employers have a duty of care towards the health and safety of their employees. This includes ensuring that employers are given the appropriate training and provided with safety equipment like anti-vibration gloves. Employees should also be encouraged to take regular breaks.

Compensation will typically be paid out by the employer’s insurance company, insurance which they are legally required to have. Our workplace injury solicitors** in Manchester will be best placed to help you make a claim against your employer if you have suffered from VWF. We will do this on a no win no fee* basis (also known as a conditional fee agreement or CFA) which means that you will not be responsible for your legal fees.

The amount of compensation our personal injury solicitors** for Manchester will be able to help you recover will depend on the seriousness of your condition, the recovery time and any subsequent losses you have suffered such as loss of income. Typically minor vibration white finger compensation claims are up to £6,000 whilst more serious injuries can be up to £25,000.

If you would like to make a vibration white finger personal injury compensation claim, then you should do so within three years of the date of contracting the illness. Otherwise, you may not be able to do so without the agreement of your employer or the permission of the court (which will only be granted in limited circumstances).

Vibration White Finger Solicitors** for Manchester

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