Industrial Injury Compensation Claims in Manchester

An industrial injury is the term given to injuries incurred during the course of employment in an industrial environment, such as a factory. Whilst accidents can happen in any working environment, from the supposedly safe office to the more dangerous construction sites, accidents in industrial environments can lead to particularly severe personal injuries.

Industrial Accident Claims

Industrial environments are dangerous because they often involve the use of heavy machinery. All employers have a duty of care to ensure that working environments are safe and employers in industrial environments should take particular care, which includes ensuring that machinery is maintained, employees are given appropriate safety equipment, training and so on. Employers also have a duty to keep records of accidents in their accident book and report serious industrial injuries to the health and safety executive, who are the independent watchdogs for health and safety in the work place.

If an employer breaches its duty towards the health and safety of its employees, which results in an industrial injury, then the employee can make a claim for compensation. If you are an employee, and you have suffered an industrial injury that was not your fault, then you should seek the guidance of our workplace injury compensation solicitors** in Manchester. They will be able to bring a claim on your behalf on a no win, no fee* basis. In addition to compensation for your injuries (which can be physical as well as psychological), our Manchester industrial injury solicitors** will also help you to recover any other losses you have incurred. This could include damage to property, medical expenses, travel expenses, and loss of income.

As an employee you should not fear making a claim against your employer as the compensation will be paid out by your employer’s insurance company, insurance which the employer is legally required to have in place. In addition, making a claim is only likely to ensure that your employer improves its health and safety practices. Therefore, you are likely to be able to contribute towards a safer working environment and prevent future industrial injuries from taking place.

If you would like to bring a claim, please ensure that you do so within three years of the date of the injury, otherwise you may be prevented from doing so under the Limitation Act 1980.

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