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Have you ever been involved in an accident on Public Transport in the Manchester area? Did the accident result in you suffering a personal injury? If so, you could be entitled to financial compensation. At Accident Claims Manchester, we regularly handle claims for compensation regarding injuries sustained following accidents on public transport. If you believe you are entitled to compensation, speak to us about how we could help you.

Many people believe that if they are involved in a road traffic accident on public transport, they will not be able to seek compensation for any injuries that they suffer. This is simply not the case. If you are a passenger on public transport, whether on a train, bus, or a taxi, your driver is obliged not to take any action that puts you in harm’s way. The team at Accident Claims Manchester have experience of processing claims for compensation for a wide range of injuries, ranging from mild physical injuries to serve brain damage or mental illness.

Regardless of the gravity of injury that you suffered, if you have been injured on public transport in or around the Manchester area, you may be entitled to compensation. Speak to our team about how we can help you.

Manchester Public Transport Accident Solicitors

We operate in and around the Manchester area, and will be able to process your claim from the moment that you contact us. Not only will we handle all the administrative work in building your claim, we will also discuss the different options available in terms of the value of compensation you are likely to be entitled to.

As experienced personal injury experts, the team at Accident Claims Manchester are specialists in the field. We appreciate that public transport accidents can happen in a variety of circumstances, ranging from speeding, failing to observe safety signals or speed limits, and not affording other road users the necessary space that they need. You are entitled to expect that in using public transport, you will not be exposed to conduct that is likely to result in your suffering injury. If this expectation is not met, then you are entitled to seek restitution from the guilty party.

Accident Claims Manchester team is made up of experts and panel solicitors who regularly pursue claims for personal injury compensation. They will use their many years of experience and skill to pursue the maximum level of compensation that you could be entitled to.

No Win, No Fee Injury Claims

Many people are wary of pursuing a claim for compensation for fear of substantial legal costs. Accident Claims Manchester do not believe that this should bar people from pursuing compensation that they rightly deserve. We offer a no win, no fee* service, and you will not need to pay anything until we are successful in securing your compensation for you.

Public Transport Accident Claims Time Limits

Unfortunately, there are strict time limits for seeking compensation. If you have been injured following an accident on public transport, you must contact us at the earliest opportunity. If you don’t, you may be barred from seeking compensation by virtue of the simple passage of time.

You needn’t be concerned about how much detail you should or should not give our team. In order for us to pursue the maximum level of compensation for you, we will need as much information as possible surrounding your accident and the injuries that you suffered. If you forget to mention something, this could impact the likely success of your claim. You should also provide any paperwork that is relevant to your accident – medical records, witness statements and details of the impact of the accident on you can all help to build up your claim.

No Win, No Fee Accident Claims in Manchester

If you have been the victim of a public transport accident in Manchester, and have been injured as a result, you are entitled by law to seek some form of financial compensation. At Accident Claims Manchester, we understand that some people may feel that their injury may not be severe enough to warrant compensation. However, in reality, you may be surprised how much you could be entitled to.

Accident Claims Manchester will explore whether there is any merit to your claim, and detail the level of compensation you are likely to be awarded. Call our accident solicitors** on 01615 168 871^ or contact us online.

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