Spinal Injury Compensation

Spinal injuries are amongst the most severe injuries that can be suffered. Therefore, it is likely that any spinal injury compensation claim will result in a higher amount of compensation being payable than other types of personal injury claim. However, this means that it is even more important that you speak to our Manchester spinal injury compensation solicitors** if you or a loved one has suffered from an injury to the spine.

Spinal Injury Accident Claims

Injuries to the spine can arise from a number of different types of accidents, including road traffic accidents, sporting accidents, slips, trips, falls or even as a result of medical negligence. Regardless of the cause of the injury, such injuries are likely to have an extremely large impact on the life of the individual who has suffered the injury and those close to them, and often result in paralysis and other long term affects. As a result of this, there are often a great amount of costs that arise as a result of a spinal injury. For example, there are not only likely to be high initial medical costs, there may well be on-going and future costs such as those relating to rehabilitation, care, transport or accommodation modification. In addition to this, there my be both short and long term financial losses relating to loss of salary and future loss of earnings. Regardless of the number of different costs, our Manchester personal injury solicitors** will be able to ensure that you are awarded the amount of compensation to which you are entitled.

Make a Claim for a Spinal Injury

A compensation claim relating to spinal injury will need the expert assistance of our Manchester based personal injury solicitors** – we  understand the process and have years of experience in dealing with similar cases. There is often the need to liaise with medical experts and analyse large amounts of evidence, including medical records, accident reports and complex financial spread sheets.

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