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Workplace fall sees civil servant gaining substantial compensation

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A 43-year-old civil servant from Surrey has been awarded substantial damages following an accident at work.  The employee, who has opted to remain unnamed, had a fall at her workplace at the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), leaving her having to undergo three operations to her ankle after the fall. A hearing has heard that the worker, from Thornton Heath, has been left with a permanent injury to her ankle, which will more than likely require more surgery in the future.  The civil servant has been left with a right ankle which is permanently swollen after falling down a flight of stairs at her place of work in Balham High Road, London. The worker slipped on a floor that had just been cleaned and was wet, however the hearing learned that there was no warning board to tell people passing through the area that the floor was wet.

Forcing her to take a year off work

The injured Public and Commercial Services (PCS) worker fell down a flight of stairs and was left with impairments to her walking mobility, forcing her to take a year off work. Upon returning to work, she has had to have a specialist desk and chair installed and is unable to walk or stand for any length of time. She is also unable to exercise as before, and has to be very careful about the footwear she chooses.

Upon being pursued by solicitors and the union, the Department of Works and Pensions admitted liability, recognising that the cleaners should have known to display ‘wet floor’ signs. The employer settled out of court.

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