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Post-traumatic stress disorder, also referred to as PTSD, is a medical condition which develops after the suffering of a serious trauma or shock. The disorder may develop straight after the event, or it may take months or years to develop. Depending on the cause of the PTSD and the nature of the condition, sufferers of PTSD may be able to claim compensation. By speaking to our Manchester based personal injury solicitors** we will allow you to determine whether you have a suitable post-traumatic stress compensation claim.

Post-Traumatic Stress and Emotional Distress Claims

Common events which may result in post-traumatic stress include being involved in or witnessing a road traffic accident, an assault or a building collapse. Such experiences may result in emotional distress which have a long term effect on an individuals’ life. PTSD may result in a number of symptoms, including flashbacks of the event, sleeping difficulties and nightmares, stress, memory issues, difficulty to establish relationships and friendships, as well as mood swings. This list is of course non-exhaustive, and there are a number of other symptoms associated with post-traumatic stress. Regardless of the symptoms suffered, if the event was caused by another’s negligence, then compensation may be available. For example, if you have suffered from PTSD as a result of a car accident caused by another motorist’s negligence, a claim may be brought against the insurers of the motorist who was at fault.

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Post-traumatic stress compensation will be determined by a number of factors. One of these factors is the costs that have been or will be incurred as a result of the post-traumatic stress. As well as current and/or future loss of earnings, there may be medical costs relating to the treatment of PTSD. The most common treatment is known as CBT, or Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, which attempts to remove the negative connotations associated with the accident or event that resulted in the disorder. In addition to this, further psychological treatment may be required. In order to understand exactly how much compensation may be available, it is important that you contact our Manchester solicitors** as soon as possible.

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