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Eye injuries range from those that are relatively minor, such as irritation, to permanent vision loss or impairment. Common causes of eye injuries include those resulting from an object getting stuck in the eye, sudden impact to the eye, hazardous substances and light-related eye injuries. Regardless of the cause, our Manchester personal injury specialists will be able to provide more information in respect of whether you can claim for compensation as a result of the eye injury suffered.

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In order for compensation to be awarded, it must be proved that the eye injury resulted from the negligence of another individual or organisation. For example, if the eye injury occurred at work, it may well be that the employer was negligent due to the fact that they did not adopt the required health and safety standards. A road traffic accident resulting in an eye injury may have been caused by the negligence of another motorist. Regardless of the specifics of the claim, our Manchester personal injury solicitors** will be able to examine the case and assess how much compensation should be claimed.

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Although it is difficult to give compensation amounts without knowing more about the details of the case, it is likely that the more serious the injury is, the larger the amount of compensation. Previous cases have shown that the compensation awarded for eye injuries is often greater than other types of personal injury claims. However, serious injuries can typically result in compensation of between twenty and thirty thousand pounds, and accidents resulting in blindness can result in higher compensation awards, typically going into the hundreds of thousands. However, if you would like an accurate estimate based on your case, you should contact our Manchester based eye injury solicitors** who can give you an initial assessment.

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There are hundreds of solicitors in Manchester, and you need to make sure that you choose personal injury solicitors you can depend on. If you have suffered an eye injury and weren’t to blame, our injury solicitors** can help you claim compensation through our No Win, No Fee* service. Call our accident claims team on 01615 168 871^ or contact us online.

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