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Our experts at Accident Claims Manchester are committed to helping you claim the compensation you are owed following an accident. We help the people of Manchester with not only legal representation, but also getting them the care required to get their life back after suffering a personal Injury.

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Whatever type of personal injury you’ve experienced, we can help.

We have made it our mission to assist people who have been injured without being at fault. There are so many forms an injury can take, and we are available to be your legal representation in Manchester for them all. 

Fatal Accidents

Among the most series cases we deal with are fatal injuries. This is where a loved one claims compensation on behalf of the deceased for the negligence that led to their death. If you have lost a loved one to a fatal accident, we can help you in more ways that just financially.

Head Injuries

If you or someone you love has suffered a head injury, our experts at Accident Claims Manchester can help you claim compensation. Such injuries can potentially cause all manner of life altering problems that we can help you financially prepare for.

Brain Injury & Brain Damage

Few things are as serious as a brain injury. We help the residents of Manchester who have been affected by brain injuries claim the compensation they require to deal with the fallout of their personal injury.

Face & Eye Injuries

Injuries to the face, whilst considered as just cosmetic injuries, can have a drastic effect on a person’s life. Damage to sensory organs, like an eye injury or losing an ear, can rid someone of many of life’s joys. Whereas facial scarring can leave someone with little to no confidence. If you have suffered a face injury, our team at Accident Claims Manchester will treat your case with the utmost seriousness and empathy.

Back Injury & Spinal Damage

Back injuries can vary massively, from bruising to paralysis, so it is always important to treat back & spinal injuries very seriously. Even minor damage can lead to life-long discomfort. We will work with you to make sure you receive the best care after your back injury in Manchester and get you the highest damages possible to help you on your way to recovery.

Neck Injuries

Neck injuries can leave anyone with life-altering after-effects. Our team at Accident Claims Manchester work tirelessly to get you the compensation required to make your life manageable again. If you need access to physio or any other form of treatment, we’ll make sure your damages cover it.

Shoulder Injury

Fortunately, shoulder injuries are rarely life-threatening, but they can make life troublesome for people who are into fitness or require a degree of mobility for work. If an injury to your shoulder has hindered you in any way, contact us at Accident Claims Manchester to make a claim for compensation.

Chest Injuries

Damage to your chest could lead to a cascade of organ problems, especially where the heart and lungs are concerned. If you have been in an accident that you weren’t to blame for, and it caused a chest injury, contact our team at Accident Claims Manchester to start your compensation claim now.

Injuries to an Arm or Elbow

Damage to our arms can be debilitating, both in the short or long term, affecting our access to leisure activities, and our ability to work. If you’ve suffered an injury to your arm or more specifically, your elbow, and it wasn’t your fault, we can help you claim compensation with our panel of solicitors for Manchester.

Injuries to a Hand or Finger

It is hard to imagine daily life without the use of our hands. Most things we interface with are designed around them, which further complicates life when suffering a hand injury. The team at Accident Claims Manchester are here to help if you have experienced a hand or finger injury that was not your fault.

Hip Injuries

You do not have to be elderly to suffer damage to your hip – which can drastically reduce your movement. Breaks, fractures, or even medical negligence are all types of hip injury we at Accident Claims Manchester can help you seek compensation for.

Leg & Knee Injuries

Leg injuries can put a person on bed rest for a considerable amount of time – that means losing work hours and, consequently, financially stability. If you have been injured in your leg or your knee, and it was not your fault, we can help you claim the compensation you deserve. Call Accident Claims Manchester now on 01615 168 871^ to start your claim.

Foot & Ankle Injuries

Injuring your foot, thankfully, is mostly an annoyance. However, the foot is home to a complex bone structure as well as a frail set of ligaments and tendons, which means damage to the foot could result in long-term issues. If you have injured your whole foot, ankle or toes, our panel of personal injury solicitors** for Manchester will see that you are compensated in a way that reflects any ongoing issues you may have.

Organ Damage

Any form of damage to our internal organs has had dire consequences where our health is concerned. This is why, at Accident Claims Manchester, we take a serious look at all circumstances of your personal injury. We want to make sure any compensation you are awarded reflects any new realities presented by organ damage.


Suffering from paralysis is a thought that will terrify anyone. But the reality is harrowing for anyone experiencing it. If paralysis has been brought on in any way for yourself or someone important to you, and the cause of it wasn’t your fault, our panel of solicitors for Manchester could help you receive compensation. This will help to make any necessary adjustments to make life manageable again.

Lung Disease

If you or someone dear to you has developed a lung disease through exposure to a substance or working conditions, contact us. Our panel of personal injury solicitors for Manchester are experts in claiming compensation for accidents and industrial diseases.

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