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Border guards sue government over dangerous uniform

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Around 250 Border Control guards have claimed for compensation after their new uniforms caused “chemical-type burns”.  The guards argue that the chemicals and dyes used to make the uniforms are causing severe skin conditions.  The border guards have claimed for hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation as the uniforms are burning and irritating their skin.

It was heard by ISU trade union general secretary, Lucy Moreton, that the staff are now being forced to wear silk “burn garments” beneath their uniforms to prevent the material from coming into contact with their skin.  She added that many of the members have suffered a “low-grade chemical burn”.  The navy blue Border Force uniforms cost around $5 million when they were purchased last year.

Prescribed with steroids to soothe the skin

Lawyers believe that the problem has been caused by the dyes and chemicals used to produce the Bangladeshi-made uniforms. It has been reported that many of the guards have been prescribed with steroids to help soothe their skin.  Workers suffering with asthma have had to endure serious health issues as a result.

A Home Office spokesman said: “We provide guidance to all staff when they collect their uniform and advise anyone who experiences discomfort to raise it with their line manager”.

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