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Doctors magnetic resonance image (MRI) injured brain, head injury

Brain tumour sufferer awarded £8million

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A girl who was left disabled for life has been awarded £8million of NHS compensation after doctors failed to recognise the early stages of her brain tumour.  Clair Bonfield was ten-years-old when she first went to hospital in 2003 with complaints of persistent headaches and sickness.  The symptoms had been ongoing for around a year before she went to James Paget Hospital in Great Yarmouth. 

Ms Bonfield’s CT scan took five months to reveal her brain tumour.  Despite a successful operation, she later developed a serious post-operative infection while at Addenbrooke’s in Cambridge, leaving her with a serious brain injury. Clair’s father, Adrian Bonfield, sued the managers of both hospitals on the basis that they should have identified and treated the tumour earlier.  This could have prevented development of the infection that has subsequently left Clair disabled.  

‘Talented classical musician’

On top of a £1.9million lump sum, Clair will receive annual payments to cover the costs of her care, starting at £36,585 and rising in steps to £148,000 when she is in her mid-50s and will require more care.

George Hugh-Jones QC, for the NHS, made a public apology to the family in court and spoke of his admiration for Clair’s parents, paying tribute to the “sustained care and attention given over the years”.

Clair Bonfield is a talented classical musician and hopes to attract an online audience in the future.

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