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Women bailed following fatal dog attack

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After many complaints about dogs “damaging his garden fence”, 79-year-old Clifford Clarke was mauled to death, by what appeared to be a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, in the garden of his own home. 

Two women, from Mr. Clarke’s hometown of Clubmoor in Liverpool, had been arrested on suspicion of manslaughter, but have recently been released on bail. The women, of 27 and 28, had also been registered as offenders under the Dangerous Dog Act.  

Mr. Clarke was supposedly cooking dinner when the dog got through his garden fence.  A post-mortem examination has revealed that Mr. Clarke’s death was caused by serious injuries sustained through the dog’s attack. A Merseyside Police spokesman has made reference to the post-mortem: “multiple injuries consistent with a dog attack”. 

Complaints had been made before

As soon as police reached the scene, the “out of control” dog was humanely destroyed. The breed of the dog has not yet been confirmed but local residents and police believe that it was a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. 

Residents of Richard Kelly Close, the street on which Mr. Clarke lived, mentioned that screams were heard at the time of the attack – some thought it was a dog-fight. Local residents had made complaints regarding vicious dogs jumping over fences and entering their properties prior to this attack. 

The attack took place around 20:30 in the evening and the police have been requesting any more information that local residents can provide for the case.

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