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Parents call for trailer MOTs

Posted in: Head and Brain Injuries Road Traffic Accidents Wrongful & Accidental Death 

Distraught parents, Scott and Donna Hussey, have called for trailers to undergo MOTs after their son, Freddie, died from fatal head injuries when he was hit by an uncoupled trailer. The driver of the Land Rover pulling the trailer, 37-year-old Tony Davies from Hallen near Bristol, was given 200 hours of community service and disqualified from driving for 6 months by a Bristol Crown Court judge.

Despite the outrage of the Husseys, declaring the sentence a “joke” and Davies as “scum”, Judge Geoffrey Mercer stated that there was “no suggestion” that Davies was driving “anything but entirely properly”. Mr Hussey stated that “this might not have happened” if the trailer had been properly tested for safety.  The problem occurred in the coupling of the trailer to the Land Rover, which Judge Davies described as careless.

Call to introduce robust health and safety checks

Mr Hussey called for the law to be changed and added that he would be appealing to the Attorney General due to the “leniency” of the sentencing.

A 4-year-old boy had met a similar fate in Derbyshire 8 years ago, according to Mrs Hussey.  He, too, was hit and killed by a runaway trailer. That child’s mother had appealed to the government to change the law and introduce robust health and safety checks, however, nothing ever transpired.

2 little boys’ lives have gone now, there could be more, we don’t know”, said Mrs Hussey.  “What happened to Freddie could have been prevented if they’d listened”. “It doesn’t seem right that in a country which is all on health and safety, yet these trailers are being driven around dangerously”.

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