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London NHS hospitals failing

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A report has been published by the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman highlighting serious failings in London’s NHS hospitals.  These failings include surgery blunders, misdiagnosis and delays in diagnosing tumours.  The report was based on more than 24 complaints lodged against London NHS Trusts from July to September 2014.  Within the report, the watchdog stated that the cases provide “clear and valuable lessons” in order that “similar mistakes can be avoided in the future”.

Life could have been saved

One example of the problems being faced by patients was highlighted when staff at Imperial College Healthcare NHS omitted to diagnose the symptoms of abdominal pain and blood in the urine of a woman who had repeatedly attended hospital for her symptoms.  She finally died from sepsis and the ombudsman judged that her life could have been saved had she been prescribed antibiotics quickly enough.

In another case, neurologists discharged a woman without a scan that would have shown a tumour on her spine.  By the time diagnosis was made, five months later, the patient was having difficulty walking.  This patient was being seen at Basildon and Thurrock University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.  The watchdog stated that her results would “probably have been significantly different” if the tumour had been found earlier.  The NHS Trust paid £8000 in compensation to the patient.

Barts Health NHS had to pay out £6500 in compensation to a man left with nerve damage caused by incorrectly performed surgery.  The watchdog discovered that he would experience pain and numbness for the rest of his life.

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