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Misdiagnosis woman wins compensation

Posted in: Medical Negligence NHS Claims 

A woman has been awarded more than £2m in compensation after hospital staff misdiagnosed her back problem, leaving her disabled. Heather Tait (34), from Sutton Coldfield, was discharged from Cheltenham General Hospital without an MRI scan after complaining of back pain in 2009. It was later found that she actually had a collapsed disc, but the surgery was delayed and she was left with constant back pain.  

Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust admitted negligence in 2011 but disagreed with lawyers over the amount of compensation that was being claimed. The trust apologised to Ms Tait for her injuries, but accused her of exaggerating her condition.  Judge Martin McKenna ruled at the High Court in London that Ms Tait was telling the truth.

Failing to provide “an appropriate standard of care”

It was agreed in court that Ms Tait would receive at least £2.4million in compensation for her injuries. Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust apologised for failing to provide “an appropriate standard of care”, which led to development of cauda equina syndrome.

A spokesman said: “While we recognise that the claimant will have ongoing health issues that will need to be managed, we hope that the sum awarded by the court will help to support and improve the claimant’s quality of life.

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