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Medico-legal reporting agencies launch new industry accreditation

Posted in: Whiplash Injuries 

A new ‘kite mark’ of independence for medical experts has been developed by two of the country’s main medico legal reporting agencies.

Premex Group and Premier Medical Group have endorsed the newly created Certificate in Medical Reporting, so that instructing parties receive the added reassurance of an accreditation promising the very highest standards and professional integrity of those to whom it is awarded.

Stuart Sheehy, Managing Director at Premier Medical Group, explained:

“We know the medico-legal experts both our companies use do a great job and uphold the highest standards of professionalism and independence. Their work provides benefits across the board – to the companies or organisations subject to personal injury claims, the legal firms representing both parties, and to the people who have been injured. But with this jointly agreed accreditation we can begin to put in place more formal recognition of their knowledge and expertise.

“In the case of whiplash, we have sought to ensure medical experts on our panels have access to all the latest studies and evidence to help them make informed and objective decisions on injuries. It will help to overcome a growing perception that every claim for whiplash is somehow a fraudulent claim.”


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