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£10,000 payout for injured teen riding Motorcycle

Posted in: Head and Brain Injuries Motorcycle Accidents Road Traffic Accidents Shoulder Injuries 

An eighteen-year-old girl from Doncaster has been awarded £10,000 in compensation for her injuries after a farmer left a country road covered in mud, resulting in her being thrown off her motorbike. Carrie Dickinson had been on her motorbike only a few miles away from her home in Belton when the accident happened nearly two years ago. It was heard that she had left college early to visit her dad, but mud on one of the country roads caused her wheels to lose traction, and she lost control of her bike.

Miss Dickinson, who had been sixteen at the time of the accident, was knocked unconscious by the fall, after landing on her head at the side of the road. She broke her collarbone, which required surgery, and suffered severe concussion.

Failed to warn road users of the hazard

Miss Dickinson’s lawyer stated that the farmer had caused the highway to remain in a dangerous condition and had failed to warn road users of the hazard. It was ruled that the farmer had failed to remove the mud, which caused injury, loss, and damage.

The responsible farmer admitted a breach of duty in terms of leaving mud on the road, and was ordered to pay £10,000 in compensation.

Rebecca Cone, She said: “This was quite an unusual case. There was a lot of mud, and it was clear to see in the photographic evidence … Although Carrie suffered a broken collarbone, discomfort and injury, we are so pleased to have secured such a positive outcome for her.

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