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Police compensation triples in one year

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New figures have revealed that compensation paid out to victims of policing issues in Oxfordshire had tripled in the last year. With claims including police-dog bites and psychological injuries, Thames Valley Police has paid out more than £69,000 since the beginning of 2012.  Members of the public have won a total of 70 cases against the force.

One solicitor commented on the figures, arguing that the number of compensation claims against the police force show a serious failing.  The political director at the Taxpayers’ Alliance also commented, saying: “Authorities must take better care to keep these unnecessary costs down.

The nature of the work

A Thames Valley Police spokesman said that all payouts made by the force are covered by the force’s liability insurance.  The total paid-out by the force also includes claims made by officers themselves. Three officers successfully received compensation from the force, these included a dog-bite injury claim, a claim made after a PC suffered severe cuts, and the third was a Police Community Support Officer who dislocated their shoulder

One police and crime commissioner said that the high number of compensation claims made against the force is due to the nature of the work. Because incidents are likely to happen in this line of work, complex compensation claims are a common outcome.

The force would not reveal how much was paid-out to individuals.

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