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Injured man receives £81,500 after horse was killed by car

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Richard Clutterbuck has been awarded with £81,500 from an insurance settlement after being hit by a car when riding his horse along the roadside. Mr Clutterbuck’s suffered a fractured spine in the accident, yet his horse Linford died instantly. The horse was hit when a car attempted to overtake another car, which had slowed down to pass them.

Mr Clutterbuck had been riding alongside his wife, Gillian, and her horse Poppy down Braybrooke Road, Great Oxendon, in August 2010. When realising that the car on the opposite side of the road was going to overtake, he said: “I knew what was going to happen, and I also knew that the only thing I could do was to stay on Linford and keep him calm”.  Mr Clutterbuck said that the car was driving so quickly that he was thrown directly into the accident, and Linford was “killed instantly”.

He was immediately airlifted to hospital, where his spine was injected with cement in an attempt to prevent paralysis. Mrs Clutterbuck also severely injured her knee in the accident. Rachel Rogers, Mr Clutterbuck’s lawyer, said that the driver had admitted liability for the car crash and believes that the accident could “easily have been avoided”.

Mr Clutterbuck’s daily life has been affected by this traumatic experience yet believes that “Linford certainly saved my life”.

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