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Hospital faces multi-million pound payout

Posted in: Criminal Injury and Assault Head and Brain Injuries Medical Negligence Wrongful & Accidental Death 

A Stockport hospital faces a multi-million pound payout following the deaths and injuries of a number of patients treated by a negligent nurse. Stepping Hill hospital is under the pressure of 21 claims made by the victims of Victorino Chua, a nurse accused of poisoning patients. It was heard that three of the cases were fatal and many of the other victims now live with life-changing injuries.

The largest payout will be made to 41-year-old Grant Misell, an ex-financial markets manager that suffered a ‘catastrophic’ brain injury as a result of Mr Chua’s treatment. Mr Misell’s lawyers argues that the hospital could have done a lot more to prevent these later incidents after they realised that a poisoner was working in the hospital. He says that, because of this, victims and their families are entitled to ‘significant’ damages.

‘payouts … could stretch into hundreds of thousands of pounds’

Mr Jones said: “It is impossible to put a figure on it at this stage until each of the individual cases have been properly assessed, but in the case of those people who have suffered life-changing injuries the potential payouts will be significant and could stretch into hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Another case saw 27-year-old Zubia Aslam suffer a hypoglycaemic attack after the hospital and police identified that there was a poisoner working in the hospital. Aslam said that life would never be the same following the incident, and asked, “What measures have been taken to date and will be taken going forward to ensure that this never happens again?

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