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Forklift safety checks before Christmas

Posted in: Workplace Injuries 

With around 8,000 reported forklift accidents happening in the UK every year, forklift drivers have been encouraged to ensure that their vehicles and operating environments are safe.  With Christmas being the busiest time for forklift drivers, the Health and Safety Executive has urged companies to make these simple safety checks and subsequently prevent injury. 

Of the thousands of forklift accidents happening every year, it has been revealed that it is not only vehicle operators sustaining forklift-related injuries, but also those in the general workplace. A high percentage of the reported claims were from other workers who were injured as bystanders. This suggests that safety checks around the working area are just as important as inspections of the machinery.

“Accidents could have been avoided”

One personal injury solicitor who has dealt with numerous forklift-related claims said: “In many cases, accidents could have been avoided if proper care was given to ensure the work environment and forklift itself adhered to safety guidelines.

Christmas is the time during which the highest number of forklift injuries are reported. This is because manufacturers and delivery depots are pressured into getting orders out as quickly as possible. This time pressure often results in safety checks and precautions being ignored, which increases the risk of injury.

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