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Hospital queues cause “big problems”

Posted in: Medical Negligence 

In recent months the queues at the Queen’s Medical Centre have worsened rapidly.  A report found that patients are being forced to queue for up to an hour simply to get a parking space at the Nottingham hospital. This is resulting in patients and staff being forced to park in each other’s spaces, only worsening the issue.

The problem came as the result of the closure of the Hillside car park, a car park that had between 400 and 500 spaces.  This closed last month, putting a great deal of extra pressure on the hospital’s other spaces. The hospital trust, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, did say that the car park had only been opened on a temporary basis because of the spaces lost during the tram works. A spokesman from the trust said that more spaces would again be made available when the tram extension works end next year.

Patients wait over an hour

One of the hospital parking attendants, Adna Karin, said that the closure of the extra car park has caused “big problems” – mainly as a result of staff parking in patient spaces. One patient said where she would normally wait twenty minutes to find a space at the hospital, she now waits for over an hour.

Staff and patients parking in each other’s spaces could carry huge consequences, especially when staff are required at the hospital from a certain time.  If they are unable to park this could have a major impact on the functionality of the hospital. Patients being forced to wait for treatment could also worsen medical problems.

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