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Driver awarded compensation following head-on collision

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37-year-old Nick Brancher has been awarded compensation after he was involved in a head-on collision with another car in April 2013. It was heard that Mr Brancher had been driving along the A38 in Glynn Valley when he collided with a car that swerved from the other side of the road. He had dropped his 9-year-old daughter off only minutes before the accident happened.

The accident left Mr Brancher with a neck injury, a fracture to his right elbow and extensive bruising to his ribs. He said that the soft tissue injuries took around two weeks to fully develop, but said he was fortunate that his employer allowed him to work flexible hours on light duties until he recovered. Mr Brancher said he returned to work only two days after the accident happened, but had to take an extensive amount of time away from his hobbies, including Ju Jitsu, cycling and climbing.

“grateful my daughter wasn’t in the vehicle with me”

Mr Brancher said that the accident happened as a result of the other driver being extremely out of control. He said that he hit two other vehicles before colliding with his head on. He stated: “It all happened so fast. I’m just very grateful my daughter wasn’t in the vehicle with me.”

The amount of compensation that Mr Brancher received has gone undisclosed. He was told that he was very grateful not to have suffered more serious injuries, considering the severity of the accident. The driver responsible remains unnamed.

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