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NHS England clamp down on failing services

Posted in: Medical Negligence 

The head of NHS England has made a call to clamp down on failing services. Chief executive Simon Stevens had decided to place entire areas of the NHS in ‘special measures’ as a means of tackling these problem zones. Mr Stevens said that there had been numerous failed attempts to improve NHS services over the years, but believes that this revised approach, which involves the entire NHS system, should see definite improvements.

The first areas to face this new approach are North Cumbria, Essex and the majority of Devon. All of these regions have displayed serious financial problems, with some of the hospitals already in the old ‘special measures’ system. North Cumbria, Essex, North, East and West Devon are currently being moved to what is being referred to as the “new success regime”.

“we have to look at everything that is available”

Mr Stevens said that old methods, ranging from a specific focus on ‘failing hospitals’, to discharging chief executives, was proven to be counter productive in terms of great scale NHS improvement. He said: “Instead of just looking at how the hospital is doing in isolation, we have to look at everything that is available.” He added that we must ask: “What is our holistic diagnosis as to what needs to change?

The “new success regime” has seen a varied response, yet the chief executive of the NHS Confederation, Rob Webster, described it as a “positive step”, with the belief that this sort of change will bring “national bodies” and “local leaders” together to allow for genuine change.

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