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Injury claims plans allow insurers to call the shots

Posted in: Whiplash Injuries 

In response to insurance industry proposals for handling whiplash claims, Karl Tonks, president of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL), has claimed that insurance companies are going to ‘do the best for themselves’ and pay less than the fair level of compensation to injured people in the small claims court.

Insurers want to deal with claims on their own terms, which is why injured people must be represented,” he said.

Government proposals to force claims through the small claims court will result in injured people on their own in court against a defendant insurer. That is simply not fair,” he went on.

The real issue should be about getting the right level of compensation for genuinely injured people,” he said.

We can all agree that there should be proper medical evidence in every case, but some insurers are still making offers of compensation without any medical evidence at all and this needs to stop.

The vast majority of claimants have genuine injuries and these proposals will put off the genuine claimants and do nothing to stop the fraudsters,” he concluded.


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