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Hospital payout for birthing errors

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A University Hospital in Coventry has given a compensation payout to the family of an 8-year-old girl who was left severely disabled after complications in her birth in 2005.  Maryellen McDowall was admitted to the University hospital when her contractions started, but when her baby, Hollie, appeared not to be moving, hospital staff did not act.  Hollie was starved of oxygen as a result of these medical failures, resulting in her now needing 24-hour care for cerebral palsy.

Hollie currently lives in a specially adapted flat on the ground floor of the family home, and requires around the clock care due to her condition.  The hospital responsible for her condition said that they would give the family a six-figure sum of money for every year that Hollie is alive, which will cover many care costs and will allow for her to have a better life.

Hollie’s family told media that they are “relieved” about the outcome of the compensation battle, but worry that the hospital have still not learned from the mistakes that caused their daughter’s condition.  Ms McDowall said: “I think the public deserve to be reassured and to be provided with evidence that steps have been taken to ensure incidents like this are not allowed to happen”.

Obstetrician reviews complications

Chief medical officer of the trust, Meghana Pandit, told the family that changes have in fact been made within the birthing unit. An obstetrician is now reviewing all women that arrive at the labour ward with a complicated pregnancy; a labour management plan has been introduced; and more training has been implemented in the department.

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