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Hospital criticised following boy’s battery death

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A hospital have been criticised for “missed opportunities’ after a 14-month old boy died last year after swallowing a battery.  Wsam Noorwali had been taken into hospital after vomiting blood at his home in Hamilton, but sadly died the next day.  Leicester Royal Infirmary are being held accountable for the death as they failed to carry out an x-ray or endoscopy to determine the source of the problem, which resulted in his death at around 7:00 on the 19th of August 2012.

An inquest at Leicester Coroner’s Court heard that the battery was not found until a post-mortem examination was carried out, which recognised that the battery had caused a serious haemorrhage.  Due to this, the hospital has decided to secure new procedures, which will ensure that children under the age of 2-years-old, who are vomiting blood, must be “x-rayed in addition to other routine investigations” – said the associate medical director, Beverly Collett.

Not resuscitated quickly enough

Wsam was moved to the children’s intensive care unit in the early hours of the morning, but died shortly after. 

The inquest heard that not only did medical staff not detect the battery, but when Wsam’s heart stopped beating, he was not resuscitated “as quickly as he could and should have been”.  The parents of Wsam are currently looking at their next steps, with a civil claim being considered.

Mrs Collett continued by saying: “This was a very unusual and tragic case and our condolences go to Wsam’s parents for their loss”.

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