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Army veteran compensated over half a million pounds

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An army veteran from Westhoughton has been awarded over £500,000 in compensation after suffering a “life changing” injury in 2008. The 42-year-old, who has been named Mathew for legal reasons, had been carrying out voluntary work for the Territorial Army when an unloading accident caused him to suffer a severe shoulder injury. The accident happened during an overseas tour with the Commanding Officer Battle Group (South) – a colleague was passing heavy boxes down from a helicopter where Mathew was stacking them. However, his colleague did not realise that one of the boxes contained heavy ammo, which when pushed off the helicopter, fell on top of Mathew.

It was heard that the box weighed around 100kg, which caused Mathew significant damage to his shoulder. Despite being in severe pain, he decided not to go to hospital, and the extent of his injuries was only realised one month later during a routine medical examination. The injury left him with limited function in his shoulder, and chronic pain.

All forms of treatment were unsuccessful

It was heard that the Ministry of Defence (MoD) paid for his physiotherapy initially, but when he had to leave the army, he was forced to cover the costs himself. Since the accident, he has undergone two major operations, physiotherapy, drug therapy, acupuncture, and MR arthograms to fix the injury and relieve the severe pain. All forms of treatment have been unsuccessful.

After putting a claim in against the MoD, he has now received a six-figure settlement for his injuries and loss of earnings.

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