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£2m payout to sight loss victim

Posted in: Medical Negligence 

A man has been awarded £2million in compensation after medical negligence caused him to lose his sight. 39-year-old Colin Fortune, from Saughall Massie, had already lost his sight in one eye, but when doctors failed to monitor and treat his other eye, he became blind. The father-of-four was at Arrowe Park Hospital for treatment to his left eye after losing the sight in his right in 2001 following a sports accident. Despite already having undergone an operation at Royal Liverpool Hospital when his sight began to deteriorate, it was not enough, and he lost his remaining sight.

Hospital staff apologised to Mr Fortune for the failings, but he argued that no amount of money could make up for his loss. He said that limited sight allowed him to lead a normal life, however his blindness resulted in the loss of his job, his independence, his partner, and he now also finds it very difficult to travel to visit his children.

Numerous appointment cancellations

Mr Fortune said: “In 2008 I went to the optician, and they said I had raised pressure in my eye. Arrowe Park started treatment for glaucoma, but they didn’t do any of the tests you’re meant to have for it.” Following numerous appointment cancellations from the hospital, it was eventually discovered that he had a detached retina, which developed into end stage glaucoma due to the length of time that the retina had been detached for. 

A spokesman for Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust said: “Liability for his injury was admitted in 2013 and the Trust has since worked with Mr Fortune’s legal representatives to assess his future care requirements and make settlement of his claim.” His settlement is worth around £2m.

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