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Welder awarded £500,000 for injuries

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A welder will never work again following the injuries he suffered when a metal jack collapsed under him and smashed his face. The 49-year-old man had been working for the Trafford Park based motor firm the Hulme Group, trying to weld two pieces of steel when the accident occurred. The subsequent injuries were so severe he must now spend the rest of his life wearing a plastic mask on the left of his face. He recently was awarded with half a million pounds in compensation.

The welder required multiple operations following the accident in an attempt to rebuild his fractured eye socket. The nerves in his left cheek were severed, alongside severe brain and spinal damage. Operations carried out on his spinal cord and brain were unsuccessful in reducing the pain experienced by the welder.  He will now have to wear a bespoke prosthetic mask outside for the rest of his life, to protect his face from the elements.

“Wasn’t safe work equipment”

The injuries have left him in agonizing pain that he will suffer from for the rest of his life. He said: “They never established exactly what was wrong with the jack, but the fact is that it wasn’t safe work equipment. I was a healthy and active man before my accident, and in a split second my freedom and independence were taken away from me.

The compensation will enable him to have psychological help, speech and language therapy, and equipment to assist his rehabilitation.

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