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We are experts in accident claims in the Manchester area.  Our Personal Injury Claims Manchester solicitors** pursue all types of claims for compensation following upon accidents or injuries sustained by our clients who are wishing to make a personal injury claim in Manchester. If the injuries were sustained in an accident within the last three years then it is usually the case that we can help you. It can even be the case that even if you were partially to blame for the injuries sustained by you that a claim might still be possible on your behalf. This is known as contributory negligence. The fact that you played a part in the incident that led to the injuries is taken into account in determining the level of compensation that you will receive. It is normally reduced by percentages depending upon how much of part you played in bringing about the injuries you sustained – and we work on no win no fee* basis for our claimants.

Why Make Accident Claims in Manchester?

You should definitely not simply rule out seeking compensation because you think the circumstances that led to your accident were your fault. With respect you do not know fully how the law will view the circumstances that led to your injury whereas we do. We have highly skilled personal injury solicitor** specialists in Manchester who have spent considerable time and energy in analysing the law. This means that every angle is explored on your behalf to seek out compensation for you. So, if you have suffered an injury that came about due to an accident then call us to discuss compensation and your accident claim in Manchester.

Our Accident Claims Manchester call centre is always open and we will talk through the details of what happened. We will clearly tell you how we can help and explain your legal position in plain English. Accidents happen in such varied ways and this has led to a substantial body of case law that provides the framework for determining compensation levels.

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Our “Accident Claims Manchester” solicitors** know how the legal system operates and our lawyers are highly experienced in negotiating settlements on behalf of our clients. It is very rare that evidence ever has to be heard in a court as most cases we handle are brought to a successful, conclusion without the need of a full court hearing. Indeed, the courts are not normally ever involved and the compensation claim is usually resolved through negotiation with the insurers of the person who caused you the injuries you sustained.

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