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There is no doubt about it building or construction sites are one of the more dangerous types of workplace anywhere.

If you consider the hazards of working outdoors, in all sorts of weather conditions, working on ladders and scaffolds and with vehicles, heavy machinery, chemicals and power tools the dangers are obvious. It is obvious too that the potential for serious injury and death is high when compared to many occupations.

However, if you have been a recent victim of a building site accident, either as an employee, contractor or pedestrian, that was not your fault you may be eligible for a personal injury claim with an award that can compensate you for your losses and assist you with the cost of your recovery via our Manchester no win no fee* legal agreements.

Construction industry employers all have to take special measures to protect their workers (including sub-contractors and delivery drivers) and anyone else on and around building sites.

Although construction accounts for just 5% of the total workforce in Britain building sites are responsible for over a quarter of all fatal injuries to employees (27%). The same workplaces also contribute a massive 10% of all reported major workplace injuries in Britain, according to The Health and Safety Executive.

There were 39 building site fatalities in the last calendar year according to The HSE. This is a welcome reduction when compared with an average of 53 per year over the previous five years. Still, it is a very high figure.

An estimated 1.4 million working days were lost in 2011/12, in construction jobs with 818,000 resulting from ill health and over half a million – 584,000 – occurring due to building site accidents.

Though no construction-specific statistics are currently available, according to the HSE, in the North West specifically:

  • There were 25 workplace deaths in the year 2011/12.
  • There were 2,722 serious injuries recorded in the region in the same period.
  • There were also 10,746 injuries at work recorded that required an absence of three days or more.

These local figures underline the need for construction employers to take their Health and Safety obligations seriously.

As well as the more general workplace safety requirements, construction site employers must also:

  • Maintain and manage unblocked access to building sites with clear boundaries.
  • Prevent any unauthorised access to building sites.
  • Keep close control of traffic both on the site and within its surrounding area.
  • Keep building sites in good order and free of hazards.
  • Protect workers from dangerous substances and chemicals.
  • Control and dispose of site waste appropriately.
  • Provide legally required facilities for all on-site workers such as toilets and drinking water.

There is also a complex system of notification, risk assessment and inspection reports that construction employers must adhere to under Health and Safety legislation.

While many accidents in the workplace could be the responsibility of the construction company that owns or manages your site, you might equally need to claim against:

  • A contractor who is responsible for specific on-site equipment, such as, for example, a crane that causes you injury.
  • Your own direct employer (the company that pays your wages) if you are a sub-contractor on-site.
  • A company who have injured you while delivering materials to the building site can also be liable for an injury or accident.
  • A claim can also be initiated against the supplier of any materials or tools which are not working correctly and subsequently cause you injury.

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